Monegros Dessert Festival Spain 2022

Voice-Acoustic receives flight licence - VTècnics en Ruta celebrates festival debut of Voice-Acoustic in Spain.

More than 55,000 people from 85 countries celebrated electronic music at the Monegros Dessert Festival on 30 July 2022. After an eight-year break, more than 140 artists performed on 12 different stages at this spectacular 24-hour dance party. According to the promoter, the most ambitious and complicated project was the 800-person "THE CLUB" stage, a discarded Airbus A330. But first, the 60m-long aircraft had to be transported over hundreds of kilometres before it could make an emergency landing in the Monegrin desert.

Thanks to the Spanish Distritutor VTècnics en Ruta, Voice-Acoustic was chosen as the preferred sound system for this very unique venue. Inside the 60m long, only 5m wide and 2.5m high aircraft body, 2x VENIA-8 and a total of 10x Paveosub-118 were used as the main PA. For an even sound distribution 6x Modular-12 were installed along the length of the dance floor as mono delays. In addition, a stereo set consisting of Modular-15 and Paveosub-118 was used as DJ monitoring. The entire sound system was driven by several Voice-Acoustic HDSP amplifiers.

"THE CLUB was one of the most exciting and unexpected stages of the entire Monegros Festival," commented Josep Maria Serra, co-owner of VTècnics en Ruta. "Thanks to the Voice-Acoustic Rental Network and N&N Events from Germany, we were able to realise this project and celebrate an unforgettable party in a plane."

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Equipment "THE CLUB" Stage