Generate Consistent Good Sound Anywhere!

Good speakers alone do not make a good sound. You will only generate and experience the best sound if the signal chain is well matched and the associated electronics are adjusted properly.

Is it possible to create an excellent sound with different kinds of amplifiers and controllers? Frankly, No!

That’s why Voice Acoustic doesn’t only build loudspeakers but offers effective acoustic tools as part of a system to ensure that the best possible consistent result is achieved anywhere in the world.

We build total systems with loudspeaker, amplifier and their associated electronics, including integrated DSP controllers, with remote control and monitoring functions.

We build our own electronics for our speakers, does this mean that we have advantages over all the others? Certainly!

Our speakers have active separate bi-amping systems with separate amplifier and control channels for each speaker. We have also done away with the 2 Ohm option of amplifier channels.

Passive crossovers only serve the individual drivers in a multi-system speaker box to generate their particular frequency. You can also adjust and correct the frequency range and level.

Passive crossovers, however, are always subject to certain loss and this means a compromise:

the distortion level increases, the components themselves absorb power and heat up, certain filter functions become limited, load-time differences can only be minimally adjusted, more weight and susceptibility of many components in the loudspeakers, prone to more faults due to more parts in a speaker, adjustment only for a driver/horn combination possible, no optimisation for filter functions etc...

These disadvantages are often tolerated because you only need one amplifier channel for the running of a multi/system speakerbox.

Some manufacturers go the way of reducing the passive crossover component parts to a minimum. This only has the function of separating the frequencies. Corrections have to be done by external digital controllers. In this scenario, you don’t achieve the maximum possible perfomance, and you will also still experience all or many of the above disadvantages.

Where first class results are a priority and costs are not necessarily a factor, such as PA systems for concerts with audiences of thousands and several monitors, multi-channel speaker systems with bi-amping amplifiers are utilised. Big names in the entertainment industry insist on bi-amping loudspeaker systems.

Voice-Acoustic makes it possible to actively deploy separate bi- and tri-amping speaker systems not only for big events but for small to medium events. These installations are economical to use and have all the advantage of an actively separated sytem.

With the modularly assembled HDSP-Amplifiers and self-powered speakers which have the identical DSP amplifier module, you can run them together in a single network.