The Modular-10 is a compact and powerful multifunctional loudspeaker with high-quality 10"/1" neodymium drivers and passive crossover.

The Modular series is extremely flexible and is innovative with its combination of array point source systems and multifunctional usable individual speakers. As well as its use as a single full-range speaker, with high performance head with bass support and high-performance monitor on stage, the Modular series also designed to be used with multiple units next to each other, in a horizontal array design.

Any interference and associated sound interruptions between the sound sources are reduced to a minimum by using special housing geometry, suitable for the narrower beam angle of the rotatable horn. Each horn works only in its defined sound directivity. This technique allows the user an even greater range of applications with only one speaker model and is registered at the Patent Office.

"Easyfly", (also registered with the Patent Office), is a new ‘one-click’ mechanism which allows tool-free hanging and precise alignment in a few seconds. The mechanism is more elegant and smaller than a conventional rigging brace. The Modular series is equipped with inconspicuous mounting rails on two sides of the housing. This means the speaker can be hung or flown upright or horizontally, using the ‘Easyfly’ mechanism. At the back is a third mounting rail for the compulsory safety cable.

For accurate alignment on a stand or mounting pole, the Modular series has an internal, tilting pole socket enabling and an adjustment of +/- 18° tilt.

The Modular-10 uses a 10" chassis of the latest generation and has been specifically designed for a clean, detailed midrange with a high, undistorted sound pressure. A particularly low moving mass (mms 31g) in conjunction with the extremely powerful neodymium driver (B/L factor 20) enable a very high sound pressure. The chassis can be driven hard, and heat dissipates optimally keeping the power compression low. The magnet system use ventilation openings in. The aluminum demodulation rings in the magnet system ensure low distortion.

The Modular-10 can be installed with the ‘Easyfly’ mechanics, via the rear mountable tilt and swivel wall mount, or the 8 internal M10 thread points with steel angles.


The standard horn is 90° x 40°. If two Modular-10s are to be used side by side in an array, the horn must be rotated to avoid interference.

Modular-10 passive via HDSP-6
Modular-10 passive via HDSP-6


For maximum flexibility the user can choose between two different beam angles 60° x 40° or 90° x 60°. An exchange of horns can be made by the bi-amping control yourself at any time. In the HDSP amplifiers series and the controller board of the self-powered subwoofer specific speaker settings are saved as presets for both viewing angle.

Modular with Horn 60 x 40° (v x h)
Modular with Horn 60 x 40° (v x h)
Modular with rotated 40 x 60° horn (v x h) minimisation interference
Modular with rotated 40 x 60° horn (v x h) minimisation interference

Technical Data

LF: 1 x 10" Neodym Tiefmitteltöner mit 2,5" Schwingspule
HF: 1 x 1,4" Neodym Hochtöner mit 1,7" Schwingspule

Frequency range
70 Hz - 22 kHz (- 10 dB)
107 Hz - 21 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

Coverage range (h x v)
90° x 40° (rotatable and arrayable horns)

8 Ω

Powerhandling (AES / Program / Peak)
350 W / 700 W / 1.400 W

Sensitivity 1 W/1 m
100 dB SPL

Sound pressure at (AES / Program / Peak)
125 dB SPL / 128 dB SPL / 131 dB SPL

4 x NEUTRIK NL4 IN/OUT 1+/- (4-pole looped-through)

Polyurea coating in RAL 9005. Special colours also possible with Warnex textured paint

Dimensions / Weight
520 (H) x 321 (W) x 267 mm (D) / 15,3 kg



Transport and rain cover Modular-10

Item no. 500101100 | 500101200

Transport and rain cover for Modular-10, stable Cordura fabric with padding, all handles and connections are cut. The front can be folded to the side, behind it there is a sound-permeable gases as rain protection for outdoor applications.

Heavy-Duty Flightcase for Modular-10

Item no. 500103000

Heavy-Duty Flightcase for up to two Modular-10. 2 internal 90°rolls, 2 large Butterflys, 2 large folding handles, 7 mm wood with black and scratch-resistant surface, stable 35 x 35 mm edge profile with 2.5 mm thickness and 5 mm outer radius and recessed grooved rivet. Case can be run like a suitcase trolley. Dimensions/Weight: 313 (h) x 386 (w) x 1166 mm (d) / 21,2 kg.


Item no. 409991001

Tool-free flight-mechanics for clicking and exact alignment of the speaker in the horizontal and vertical axis. Removable recording for example the self-lock clamp included.

Carrying bag for Easyfly-Mechanics

Item no. 509992000

Carrying bag for up to two Easyfly-Mechanics with attached truss clamp plus accessory compartment for e.g. two safetys with single studs.

Self-lock clamp

Item no. 999950731

Loudspeakers can be flown by one person with the self-lock clamp. The clamp hooks directly into the truss and can be easily tightened. Load capacity 250 kg.

Chain fastener for flight-mechanics

Item no. 409992001

For mounting the Easyfly mechanics, LA-Stick 4x4 flight mechanics and the flight and tripod mechanics of the Ikarray-8 Line Array by chains on very high ceilings, where mounting with heavy-duty anchors is not possible.

Rotating double pipe clamp with aluminum pipe

Item no. 409992000

With this construction you can mount two speakers from the Modular series in horizontal array.

Speaker ceiling mount

Item no. 999924496

Robust and useful loudspeaker ceiling mount with 250 mm distance and internal cable management. The swivel area is +/-45 °. Within the parameters - the settings range from 0 to 45°. Max. load capacity: 25 kg. Available in white and black.

Tilting and swivelling wall holder

Item no. 999924481

Wall holder with large wall plate for heavy boxes. The mounted box can be swivelled sideways and tilted up to 30 °. Easy installation due to practical mounting and screwing. Max. load capacity: 25 kg. Available in white and black.

Wall mount with extension

Item no. 409992031

Wall mount with extension (180° horizontal and 30° vertical adjustment) for parallel positioning. Max. Load capacity: 25 kg. Available in white and black.

Wall holder can be swiveled and tilted

Item no. 999924173

Wall holder with tilt and swivel orientation: 145° horizontal, 30° vertical. The inclination can be fixed in 6 steps. The distance to the wall can be selected in 3 steps. With receptacle for high stand flange. Holder is almost completely covered by the speaker. Max. Load capacity: 25 kg.

Tilting and swivelling wall holder XL

Item no. 999924120

Stable wall holder with tilt and swivel orientation: 180° horizontal, 22° vertical adjustable in 11 steps. Expanding mandrel for play-free seating in the tripod base of the speaker. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Wall- and Trussholder

Item no. 999924150

Wall- and Trussholder with a joint and a tube clamp, circa 520 mm long. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Single stud

Item no. 999957450

Single stud for securing a loudspeaker with safety cable.

Double-Stud Fitting

Item no. 999957401

For hanging and aligning loudspeakers with chains.

Eye Bolt

Item no. 999917370

M10 x 40 mm eye bolt is screwed into rearward mounting point and the speaker can also be secured directly to the housing with a safety cable.

Screwable quick connect

Item no. 999908000

Screwable quick connect member for e.g. single and double stud fittings or safetys.

Safety 6/1000

Item no. 999963100

1 m safety cable 6 mm Ø for securing a suspended loudspeaker. One side with a screwable quick connect.

Speaker stand crank

Item no. 999921300

Stable stand for cranking with double protection against falling. Height: 139 to 218 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Speaker stand

Item no. 999921467

Stable stand with expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. Double protection against falling. Height: 132 - 220 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Distance rod with crank

Item no. 999921340

Distance rod for cranking with expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. Height: 92 - 152 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Telescopic rod

Item no. 999921368

Telescopic rod with expanding mandrel system for play-free seating in the tripod base. Height: 110 to 180 cm. Max. load capacity: 35 kg.

Ring-Lock adapter

Item no. 999921441

Adapter for mounting on stands or speaker rods. With Expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker.

Stand fork

Item no. 999924105

Stand fork for two tops, with expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speakers. Max. load capacity: 2 x 25 kg.

Iron base with weight plate

Item no. 999912311

The set includes a flat 10 kg iron base Ø 45 and a 5 kg weight disc. It is suitable distance rods with an M20 screw thread. The weight disc can be mounted tool-free.

Carrying bag for round base Ø 45 cm

Item no. 999912399

Padded bag made of robust, water-repellent nylon, with space for a round base Ø 45 cm with weight disc. The bag has two carrying straps with a soft velcro handle, a sturdy zipper and a transparent window for labels.

Iron base

Item no. 999926705

The iron base 55 x 55 cm has a carrying handle and a cable bushing. The base is suitable distance rods with an M20 screw thread. Weight: 13,5 kg.

Carrying bag for iron base

Item no. 999933100

Padded bag made of robust, water-repellent nylon, with space for a iron base 55 x 55 cm. The bag has a padded handle and a stable zipper.

Carrying bag for 2 x speaker stand/ rod

Item no. 999920000

Carrying bag for two speaker stands or distance rods, also with crank. Two inside compartments with zipper and sturdy handles. Material waterproof nylon.

Cable Clip for speaker stand/ rod

Item no. 999935000

The cable clip made of robust, durable ABS plastic is specially designed for speaker stands and distance rods with 35 - 36 mm tube. It adheres firmly to the tube and holds the cables securely and neatly in the 24 x 16 mm guide accessible from the outside.

speakON cable 0.5/1/3/6/10/15/20/30 m

Item no. 80440XXX1

Speaker cables in various lengths with Neutrik plug NL4FX. 4 x 4 sq mm, each wire 224 x 0.15 copper, diameter 11 mm, weight 273 g / m. Assembled with some pressed ferrules for maximum contact area and minimal contact resistance.

speakON adapter

Item no. 999654669

Adapter to connect two speaker cables.