• 2 x 18" bassreflex subwoofer
  • The anti-double-18" - true impulse response and detailed bass response
  • Speakon connectors in front grille for optimum wiring of cardioid bass arrays
  • Polyurea coating, optional RAL colors (Warnex texture paint)
  • Simple handling and easy stacking through optimized handle position
  • Endwise vertical compatible Ikarray-12 with stacking plate or OPER-Frame
  • Operate flat lying and endwise vertical
  • Deep stilling connector panel
  • Europallet dimension to all 3 sides

The Paveosub-218 is a heavily vented bassreflex subwoofer designed for highest quality mobile and installation application.

Two premium 18" neodymium transducers make sure it can deliver powerful and distortion-free sound pressure levels while still providing a dynamic and low bass. Low moving mass coupled with a powerful neodymium motor provide precise signalreproduction with excellent transient response which sonically outclasses other 18" designs. A large format and powerful voice coil together with sophisticated cooling convert amplifier power more efficiently and keep powercompression low even at longterm maximum power.

Large format ports increase efficiency and prevent annoying vent noise across the whole performance range. The design of the ports further strengthens the cabinet's top and bottom. Additional reinforcement and bracing prevents resonances, increases rear attenuation and turns the Paveosub-218 into an extemely robust and ideal touring subwoofer.

There are 8 optimized handles accessible from any direction (they even include drains !) so you won't break your back.

You won't strain your back during transport and set-up due to 8 optimized handles (they even include drains !) which are easily accessible from any direction.

The subwoofer can be used horizontally or upright and provides. Stacking trays and two M20 pole mount as well as foots on the opposite side. When used upright it forms an elegant package together with the Ikarray-12 due the same 60cm width of the system. The stacking trays are made to fit Ikarray OPER-frames and Ikarray Gound-Stacking-Boards.

In addition to the rear connector panel you can find two additonal Speakon connectors on the robust front grille. They provide easy access when the subwoofer is positioned under the stage floor or when cabinets are turned around for creating cardioid arrays.

This way cables can be kept out of sight from the audience. The front connectors as well as the loop-through connector on the rear panel use rubber caps to protect them from moisture.

There are two options for easy transport:

  • the cabinet can be fitted with 100 mm bluewheels on the rear side (16 x M6 fittings)
  • via stackable front transport covers including wheels and butterfly latches

Voice-Acoustic provides upgrades for Paveosub-218 to the self-powered version by fitting 4 kW aplifier modules and DSP board.


The Paveosub-218 is powered by one channel (2.400 W/4 Ω) of HDSP-6 or HDSP-4 nominal impedance is 4 Ω.

HDSP-Amplifiers contain presets to combine subwoofers with Voice-Acoustic tops. There are also presets for cardioid and bass-array application. One HDSP-6 or HDSP-4 can power up to 2 x Paveosub-218.

Paveosub-218 via HDSP-6
Paveosub-218 via HDSP-6

Test Reports

Technical Data

2 x 18" Neodym long excursion woofer with 4" voice coil

Lower cut-off frequency
32 Hz (- 10 dB)
36 Hz (- 3 dB)

4 Ω active separated

Powerhandling (AES / Program / Peak)
2.400 W / 4.800 W / 9.600 W

Sensitivity 1 W/1 m
102,5 dB SPL (half space)

Sound pressure at (AES / Program / Peak)
136 dB SPL / 139 dB SPL / 142 dB SPL


Polyurea coating in RAL 9005

Dimensions / Weight
600 (H) x 1.160 (W) x 770 mm (D) / 80,5 kg



Transport and rain cover Paveosub-218

Item no. 502181000

Transport and rain cover for Paveosub-218/218sp, stable Cordura fabric with padding, all handles and connections are cut.

Detachable wheelboard Paveosub-218

Item no. 502184000

Detachable wheelboard to mount on Paveosub-218/218sp, 15 mm wood with polyurea coating, stackable, 2 butterfly locks, 4 handles, 4 black wheels, engraved logo.

Castor set

Item no. 999490985

Castor set for permanent installation at the back, consisting of 4 x Black Wheels 100 x 36 mm with brakes. Including 16 x mounting screws M8 x 30 mm galvanized.

Distance rod with crank

Item no. 999921340

Distance rod for cranking with expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. Height: 92 - 152 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Telescopic rod

Item no. 999921368

Telescopic rod with expanding mandrel system for play-free seating in the tripod base. Height: 110 to 180 cm. Max. load capacity: 35 kg.

M20 Adapter 250 mm

Item no. 999921329

The 250 mm long adapter is perfectly suited as a M20 single rod or as an extension rod.

Carrying bag for 2 x speaker stand/ rod

Item no. 999920000

Carrying bag for two speaker stands or distance rods, also with crank. Two inside compartments with zipper and sturdy handles. Material waterproof nylon.

Cable Clip for speaker stand/ rod

Item no. 999935000

The cable clip made of robust, durable ABS plastic is specially designed for speaker stands and distance rods with 35 - 36 mm tube. It adheres firmly to the tube and holds the cables securely and neatly in the 24 x 16 mm guide accessible from the outside.

speakON cable 0.5/1/3/6/10/15/20/30 m

Item no. 80440XXX1

Speaker cables in various lengths with Neutrik plug NL4FX. 4 x 4 sq mm, each wire 224 x 0.15 copper, diameter 11 mm, weight 273 g / m. Assembled with some pressed ferrules for maximum contact area and minimal contact resistance.

speakON adapter

Item no. 999654669

Adapter to connect two speaker cables.