Circus Sperlich relies on Voice Acoustic

Robert Sperlich to his decision: "I have learned of Voice Acoustic by the tip of a kinsman. He heard Voice Acoustic at the Prolight + Sound 2015 in Frankfurt and was very impressed. After a personal visit in Dörverden I could add my voice to his opinion. The sound is extremely clear, natural, and punchy and the speakers are compact, lightweight and easy to handle.

For our purposes the detailed solutions are perfect. With the Easyfly mechanics, we can adjustable the tops very easily and accurately in the tent sky. With this patented solution we save a lot of time during assembly and disassembly and truck space during transport too. The Modular-10 heavy duty double flightcase is much smaller compared to our previous double cases of old tops with flying brackets.Because of the passive convection cooling system of the amplifier electronics without fans, we don’t have to take care about maintenance. Important fact for a circus tent.

The system is completed by a new PD-32-6 power distributor, which gives us more reliability through its RCBO combination machines. With the integrated measuring instruments we can control the power consumption. We are very happy with the soulutions of Voice-Acoustic and are pleased to offer our visitors once more high quality ".

The set consists of:

  • 1 x Subhorn-115sp with wheelboard and cover
  • 1 x Subhorn-115 with wheelboard and cover
  • 4 x Modular-10
  • 4 x Easyfly-mechanics
  • 2 x Modular-10 heavy duty double case
  • 1 x PD-32-6 powerdistributor
  • 1 x complete 4 x 4 sq mm speakoncable

The Voice-Acoustic team say thank you to Circus Sperlich and whish continued success.

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