LKBT 2013

The technical provider this year was the crew from from DE-99976 Rodeberg. Company owner Marcel Mainzer and Daniel Hunstock used the Voice Acoustic user support and hired additional loudspeakers. The area to re-enforce sound was a marquee with an area of 2.380 sqm - (34 x 70 m).

They used the following equipment for the task:

Sound equipment:

Light amongst others:

  • 62 m Global Truss F34 + diverse angle section
  • 12 x JB-lighting Varyscan P3 Moving Head Spot
  • 12 x LED Moving Head Washlight
  • 4 x Sunstrip Blinder
  • 4 x Blinder
  • 1 x JB-lighting Licon 1

One self powered loudspeaker powered a second one. The complete electronic system was used as one network which made it possible to monitor and control the whole PA system via the LAN Remote software in real time. The configuration of the PA is a nice example how good the Voice Acoustics self powered loudspeakers can be when combined and controlled with the HDSP-12 powered speakers.

We got a lot of praise for the PA from the event organiser and the different technicians of the bands. Even at a distance of 60 meters voices were easy to understand and the sound was clear. The horizontal sound dispersion was even without interference from other different sound sources because of the Array of the Modular-15 (patent pending). 4 x Modular 15’s were used per side in a 2 x 2 rigged flown cluster. One cluster dispersed at 80 x 60 degrees. The clusters were individually controllable. The upper pair was focused for a 70 meter distance. The lower pair was tilted with the power a bit subdued, and covered the first 20 meters plus the area directly in front of the stage. The 8 x Modular 15’s had great headroom and could have, at full throttle, be loud enough for more bass action, however this was not necessary.

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