New in the program: VENIA-Series

The high-frequency drivers are each coupled to a line array waveguide and produce a dispersion angle of 100° horizontally and 0°/-20° vertically via a large horn. The HF section of the VENIA series provides a vertically asymmetrical sound pressure coverage with a plane wavefront. The principle of larger line arrays is transferred to the VENIA loudspeakers in a compact column format: the high-frequency energy is bundled to cover longer distances and the near filed is covered by curving with a lower energy content distributed to a larger area. The result is a very balanced level distribution across the entire listening area with very homogeneous sound distribution.

"With the VENIA series, we have developed design column loudspeakers with high coverage and extremely even sound distribution. Due to the extremely high performance of the VENIA-8, this single loudspeaker can replace a conventional small line array system in many cases. This saves money in purchasing, time in setting up and dismantling, as well as in commissioning, and eliminates the possibility of incorrect use. In addition, the customer saves not only space but also weight during transport," says Stefan Rast, founder and managing director of Voice-Acoustic. "In installations, the VENIA models can be integrated inconspicuously due to their slim design and the rounded, very elegant front. With the X-Tension design stand, the loudspeaker also meets the highest aesthetic demands in mobile use. Our users can thus offer their customers something special and stand out from the competition. It sounds as good as it looks. Every prospective customer should compare the VENIA series with conventional loudspeakers or small line arrays. Test it to believe it."

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