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Voice-Acoustic and Rouven Spiewak

Rouven Spiewak from D-29683 Bad Fallingbostel invest in a new Voice-Acoustic SubSat-10sp set, consist of 1 x Subhorn-115sp (self-powered 4.000 W, 3CH dsp-amp, 2.400 W + 2 x 800 W), 1 x Subhorn-115, 2 x Modular-10 passive, some accessories. Rouven is an old Voice-Acoustic user and work many years with Mufu-10 tops, Paveosub-118 and RAM Audio Amping + Xilica controller. After his positive experience with his old PA he invest now in a new self-powered system from Voice-Acoustic.

Thanks Rouven and a lot of success for the next years.

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