Report from Kolganova Tatyana, company Sound Technology LLC

One of the main events on forum was the presentation of the new digital control ROLAND M 5000, control was specially brought from Holland for two days by manager of the company ROLAND. Also, participants were introduced with the revolutionary developments in the field of sound-amplifying equipment.

Sound Technology LLC presented on the "All-Russian Congress of sound engineers of music programs" audio equipment VOICE ACOUSTIC from Germany. There were three audio sets that are growing in popularity on the Russian market. First of all it is the smallest VOICE ACOUSTIC concert audio set.

SubSat-10sp Set expanded is equipment of the highest level that can be used for live performances in all styles of music, discos, corporate events, etc… The small size of its elements and an avalanche of played sound caused experts delight.

The audience could not understand which of the sets that are on the stage, is playing at this time. Next set of equipment submitted to the audience is called - SubSat-15sp Set, this equipment is already well-known among Russian sound fans. A great sound, light weight and "explosive" sound pressure have been the subject of great reviews of this sound set.

Finally VOICE ACOUSTIC SubSat -TSsp set presented at the congress, was named a sound nuclear bomb. The kit consists of four subwoofers: Subhorn-115, two of which are with three-way active modules with integrated sound processors in them, and of two satellites TS-212 that is an innovative development of the German company. Sound pressure level of each element is 140 dB, its size and weight allow only one person to make the installation. VOICE ACOUSTIC SubSat -TSsp set, has become one of the strongest impressions on the presentation. The demonstration was carried out by using test tracks, played by a set of VOICE ACOUSTIC. Switching-on VOICE ACOUSTIC sets takes a few minutes and does not require adjustment the system processor.

VOICE ACOUSTIC presentation has become one of the strongest and brightest events of the forum.

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