Review 2021

For our Voice-Acoustic users in the rental business, the job situation went up and down depending on the pandemic situation. There was no long-term planning guarantee for events. Manufacturers had to deal with delivery bottlenecks and immense inflation rates in many sectors. We had already purchased very large quantities of components in 2020 with foresight, so that we could deliver throughout 2021. A shock and heavy loss for us was the destruction of the production of our long-standing loudspeaker grille supplier by the flood disaster in the middle of Germany in July 2021. A life's work was destroyed there by the sudden flood of the century. Our thoughts are still with you and we hope that you will be able to rebuild your factory in 2022 and find the strength to do so. Besides the tragedy for our partner company and the people there, this confronted us with serious problems. Many of our grilles are manufactured with special tools. We are still working hard to compensate for the loss with other suppliers so that we can stay in the delivery flow.

However, 2021 also had its good sides. In Germany, we were able to acquire more new customers than in any other year so far. Thank you for your trust in Voice-Acoustic. In addition, we were able to slightly increase our turnover in Germany in 2021 compared to the Corona-free and very strong turnover year 2019. Considering the difficult market situation, we would never have expected this and are very thankful to our motivated users and dealers.

In every crisis there is also an opportunity.

So our development department has been and is still very busy. In 2021 we presented 5 new Voice-Acoustic loudspeakers: LA-Stick 8x4, LA-Stick 12x4, Score-8, VENIA-6/sp and VENIA-8/sp.

In the spring of the year, we also started the production of our new sister brand TENNAX Audiotechnik, which focuses on a different market segment. With the new Voice-Acoustic models and the TENNAX loudspeakers, we have doubled our product range of loudspeakers in the pandemic year 2021. Everything is manufactured in Dörverden and is available from stock. We have developed innovative transport solutions under our new own brand BAGAX, which we will offer as accessories in the future and with which we also started in 2021. We have managed this massive effort without borrowing outside capital and are also a bit proud to be able to act in such times. Thanks to our loyal customers and our teamwork, which make this possible.

The next few months will certainly not be easy, especially with regard to the supply problems. Many of our suppliers have already announced delivery times of 6-9 months. We have already reacted to this with large purchasing quantities and long-term production planning that extends into the third quarter of 2022. Nevertheless, we would like to ask our customers to also act with foresight.

In 2022, we will work on digitally mapping many of our processes in order to be able to plan and evaluate more precisely ourselves and to create more transparency about warehousing and delivery times for our B2B customers. At the beginning of the year, we will start with the introduction of an SAP - ERP/CRM system. We hope to successfully complete this complex project in the second quarter.

In 2022, you can look forward to more innovative new products from us. There will be a few surprises in every respect, which we ourselves are already looking forward to.
We are looking forward to the Prolight+Sound trade fair in Frankfurt, from 26 - 29 April 2022, and to meeting you all there again in person.

Looking back, we can say that we have managed this year's challenges well - thanks to engaged suppliers, supportive staff, motivated dealers and loyal customers. Big thanks to all of you!

Finally, a little citation from Heinz Rühmann:

"An optimist is a person who thinks everything is half as bad or twice as good".

In this sense, stay optimistic.

Stefan Rast & Team.

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