Review of the Year 2020

At that time, we did not yet know how much truth there was in these words. However, different than we thought. 2020 will go down in the history books as the Corona Year. A year with many challenges, a year with unknown perspectives, a year that demanded a lot of optimism from everyone. Optimism and confidence, that's what we all need. We thank our Voice-Acoustic Family: our users, distributors, suppliers, friends national and international, employees and their families for their support and loyalty during this special year. Through all of you, we look to the future with optimism and have worked hard this year to start 2021 with confidence.

In 2020, some great installation projects were realized. In the mobile sector, new users were won who will from now on be using Voice-Acoustic. Existing customers have expanded their systems, despite or even because of Corona, in order to position themselves in a new or better way.

We used the first lock-down phase to start our own YouTube channel and produced a lot of videos for you.

A new service offering was launched with the sustainability and trusteeship service with a used goods section on the homepage.

The website has been completely redesigned and optimized for viewing on smartphones. You can now find many great reference projects on the start page. We have also spruced up our garden and barbecue place. Our development team has also stepped on the gas and continued working in 2020. In the new year 2021, you can look forward to some new, innovative products from us. We are thankful that we were able to keep our team of employees together in 2020 and that everyone pulled together. Despite the circumstances and constraints, including financially due to short-time work, everyone did a great job and continued to be passionate about good sound and high quality work.

Next year, we can look forward to a new colleague who will complement our team with his many years of industry expertise. We were not able to meet many friends in person this year that we would have liked to see again. Feel hugged, our hearts are with you.

In the Christmas mail of a supplier, the company Gäng-Case, there was a citation of Heinrich von Kleist that I would like to repeat here "a free-thinking man does not stay where accident pushes him".

In this sense: forward, forward, always forward, with optimism, confidence, passion, diligence, motivation, flexibility, gratitude, team spirit, engagement, focus, courage, self-confidence, enthusiasm, endurance and confidence into the year 2021. Thank you all.

Stefan Rast & Team.

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