With Voice-Acoustic something happens!

We have invested a lot to develop new packaging for our sound reinforcement products that completely dispenses with inlays made of plastic and foam for environmental/eco friendly reasons.

The cardboard boxes have an logo imprint on all sides of the boxes. The packaging is optimized for Euro pallet dimensions.

The cardboard boxes of the loudspeakers, which are also available in self-powered versions, have a space inside for the 6m Powercon connection cable. The boxes also receive a sticker with three barcodes printed on it: product description with article number, serial number, EAN code. For environmental/eco reasons, we have developed a stable inlay made entirely of nature-friendly cardboard. Voice-Acoustic are still only a small manufacturer. But we can also help to minimise packaging waste and make our contribution to a clean environment and rethinking.

To ensure that these environmentally friendly and stable packages do not drive up the production price, we have ordered large quantities for each speaker model in order to obtain favourable purchasing conditions.

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