Communnity Hall Hergisbach, Herschbach, Germany

The Community Hall Haus Hergisbach is located in the local community of Herschbach in the Westerwald district in Rhineland-Palatinate. The house is an important center in the community and is used in many ways for culture, dance, music, entertainment and the distinctive social life. Lord Mayor Axel Spiekermann has personally committed himself to the technical modernization of the hall.

The elaboration of the new concept and the technology to be installed was carried out by a specialist planning office. The Voice-Acoustic partner MS-Pro, Christoph Hilgers, took part in the public tender and won the contract, which also included the renewal of the electrical installation.

The front PA consists of an Ikarray-8 line array system with two 100°x15° elements per stage side. A single Ikarray-8, also with a 100x15° directivity, serves as center speaker. Due to the wide horizontal coverage angle over the entire frequency response of the Ikarray, further nearfills are not necessary. In the planning of the sound reinforcement system it was taken into account that older guests like to sit in the front seats, but quickly feel disturbed by increased sound levels. A very homogeneous and evenly loud coverage of the audience area was to be aimed for. Four additional Ikarray-8 were therefore installed as delay lines.

For the necessary bass energy at music events, 4x Paveosub-118 are responsible.

Two Score-5 provide the sound inside the stage. Four CXN-16 stage monitors can be added for live acts. All loudspeakers are individually controlled by separate power amplifier channels and can be regulated separately. This demonstrates again the high efficiency of the 6-channel HDSP-6A system amplifiers. Only 4 power amplifiers already provide 24 amplifier channels.

Installed equipment: