Audio Installation in the paradise of Malaysia

The loudspeakers and amplifiers from Voice-Acoustic were chosen for an installation on a private island on the northwest coast of Malaysia.

The luxury vacation resort Naam Paradise 101 Island is located in the island paradise Langkawi, which is one of the number 1 destinations in Malaysia. The region is already more than an insider tip internationally.

The climate is characterized by the monsoon and is therefore hot and humid all year round with daytime temperatures of over 30° C and at night still over 20° C.  The demands on the durability of the sound system are therefore very high. At the same time, the owner of the island required high-end sound quality. The specialist planning and installation company Cemara Sound & Light from Puchong decided to use sound reinforcement systems from Voice-Acoustic Germany. Cemara has made positive experiences with Voice-Acoustic products in other installations. The loudspeakers were manufactured in Germany in an outdoor version to withstand long-term the humid, salty air and high temperatures.

Drei Areas müssen beschallt werden. Der größte Bereich ist das sogenannte Main Deck mit Sitzflächen für bis zu 600 Personen. Hier findet das Abenddinner, Events und Filmvorführungen statt.

Main Deck:

The Mantry:

OMG Bar:

Three areas have to be sounded. The largest area is the so-called Main Deck with seating for up to 600 people. This is where the evening dinner, events and movies are held.