SPY Club Moscow, Russia

In may the new premium restaurant SPY Moscow was opened. The restaurant with the world's best kitchen, with the latest architectural and design solutions.

A music bar and restaurant with the claim to offer the world's best cuisine and to provide guests with the finest ambience with modern design and architecture. The sound system should also meet the very high demands of the Russian operator and the club designer from Dubai.

A Voice-Acoustic SubSat-10 Set was installed in the bar, consisting of 2 x Subhorn-115, 2 x Modular-10 fed by a HDSP-3A amplifier. Alea-4 is used for background music in the entrance hall. 6 pieces were mounted on the ceiling with swivel brackets and in addition a Paveosub-112 behind a counter. For the sound reinforcement of the dining hall with its low ceiling height the LA-Stick 4x4 with its perfect sound was the best solution, rounded off also with Paveosub-112.

Installation in Moscow, executed by our partner Sound Technology LLC.