World`s Tallest Obelisk Flag Pole, Bahria Town Karachi, Pakistan

Bahria Town Karachi is a privately owned gated suburb under construction near Karachi, Pakistan. The suburb is being developed by Bahria Town Group and occupies 46,000 hectares. The target group of Bahria Town is the higher social class in Pakistan. The city is a so-called gated community with luxury real estate, luxury hotels, superior restaurants and its own infrastructure with schools, amusement parks, golf courses, a replica of the Eiffel Tower and Pakistan's largest cricket stadium.

To celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day, the city's new landmark, the world's tallest obelisk-shaped flag pole, was inaugurated on August 14, 2020.

This unique flag pole structure is 100 meters high, making it the highest obelisk-shaped flag pole in the world. In addition to the 15 x 22.5 meter Pakistani flag, the flag pole has internal LED lighting designed for spectacular visual effects and four high-resolution LED video screens installed around the lower part of the flagpole near the base for audiovisual presentations. The flag pole has a basic cross-section of over 2.5 meters, tapering to an upper cross-section of approximately 1.2 meters, and the total weight of the flag pole is over 115 tons. The decorative cladding is powder-coated in a special gold color and the inner sections have aluminum expanded metal plates that are used as a reflective surface to enhance the visibility and effects of LED lighting. The RGBW LED system behind the cladding is dynamically controlled to provide a variety of different lighting scenarios.

The design and construction of the flag pole was carried out by a specialist company from Dubai. A highly qualified international team supported the company in many aspects of this project during the two-year design and construction process.

Voice-Acoustic is grateful to have contributed a small part to this unique project. The Flag Pole is framed by 4 small masts in which 16 pieces Voice-Acoustic Score-5 speakers are installed. These loudspeakers sound the entire area around the flag pole in excellent sound quality and support the impressive visual effects with music and sound-effects. The Score-5 are powered by two Voice-Acoustic HDSP-0.4A system amplifiers, which are installed inside the flag pole.

Installed Voice-Acoustic Equipment: